Why Branded?

We are an American women owned small business, that believe in the power of mother nature.

All our products are made with natural essential oils; non toxic, non chemical additives, non synthetic process used.

We believe you are an artwork and tattoos and piercings are a big part of that big picture. That's why it is important to give the appropriate care.

Our Founder

Woman, Mother, Business Owner and Tattoo Lover. Samanta Moise, also creator of LaPareaWellness and PareaSkincare, is the perfect image of hard work, perseverance and woman power. Working alongside mother nature, to create the best natural products for selfcare.


Tattoo Polish

"I have had many tats in the last, have always used benthapen.
This cream has literally changed my life, it’s very easy to apply, other creams are sometimes quite thick, it also keeps the skin moist but not wet for most part of the day. I will not use any other cream moving forward. Love it"

Piercing and Tattoo Foam Cleanser

"It’s small but the product will last
I was using dial antibacterial soap and it would dry out my tattoo and irritate it so I got this wash and it has helped the itch and every time I wash my tattoo it feels so good super happy with this product and I definitely recommend if you need to heal your tattoo faster in my case I wanted to workout already !! And if you have super sensitive skin like me this will work well"- Francis L.