Welcome to this safe space to exchange knowledge and experiences about our tattoos and piercings.

Tattoos and Piercings have been considered a form of expression since the begging of civilization, and most recently a type of art. 

For ancient Greeks Egyptians, and natives, it was a way of showing your devotion to a certain God, to identify your profession, to express somewhere you belong, to proof your wealth and even in some cultures as a therapeutic treatment for pain. 

Today is not so different, people get tattoos and piercings as way to show their history and its meaning, or even for some as just a way to decorate esthetically their own bodies. Art can be beautiful and imperfect at the same time, art can be free, with a deep meaning hiding behind the surface or just superficial and without premeditation. Either way it creates a link between someone's subjective world and its perception for others. 

This is the main reason why we have to take good care of our art, and what a better way to do so, if not using handmade, natural and organic products. Ingredients taken from our own mother nature, from something beautiful to heal and treat a beautiful canvas. No synthetic products and damaging processes were used to create this amazing brand.

Take care of your soul by taking care of your art.